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I mean. There’s Stuff going on, & it’s Distracting, focus is … not entirely a thing. But I am getting things done!

Above: shelves, for a set of shelves that will, once they’re done, hold all my soap backstock. Given that currently that’s sort of shoved in a corner in my workroom, this is a needed piece of furniture.

I’ve been working on that off & on in between working on Tyrava, because I keep running into ‘waiting for X’ problems: waiting for parts to get here, waiting for paint to dry, waiting for Inoru to sand a couple big things for me since I’m not allowed to use the power sander ever again … you know how that goes. But having a couple projects going at once is nothing new.

Inoru got the inside of the side door sanded today, though, so I immediately got a couple coats of pale lavender paint on it:

The door's leaning against Tyrava's inside wall, right next to the open doorway, & yep, it's been painted a nice lavender.

I didn’t do anything with the cabinet today, but I got some of it painted earlier this week:

The cabinet's laying on the floor. The door's been removed, & the side & the edges of the front opening have been painted a pale ocean blue.

Yesterday on the way back from the mailbox I stopped & grabbed a couple of old fence boards from the abandoned house, & the last thing I did today was sand one nice & smooth, & put it in as the first of many floorboards.

The floor board is only maybe half an inch thick, but it's also sitting bang across the front doorway, so yeah, be careful climbing inside.

Don’t trip!

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