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There’s a big fire in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, & what that has to do with progress on Tyrava might seem non-obvious but the prevailing winds are bringing a LOT of smoke this way, so I’ve been staying inside as much as I can. But I’ve slipped outside a couple times to get some little things taken care of.

Above is the front door, now with trim on one side. The piece for the other side is ready to go on, but that’s got to wait until after the door comes off, because the hinges are in the way.

The side door is back on! Which I forgot to get a picture of, but it’s a door, they look like doors.

Back to the front door, though, you can see above that I also added a fancy little knob I’ll use to hitch cat leashes. It’s the kind you usually use on a drawer or cabinet door, so the screw goes in from the back — the small turquoise piece is there because the screw was too long otherwise, but it looks cool, too, so I’m good with that.

A black drawer pull, shaped like an infinity symbol with an extra twist in the middle, is fastened to a small squarish block of wood, which is in turn fastened to the purple trim next to Tyrava's front door.

The wood holding the front window latch got the same treatment. Eventually, a lot of the dark purple stuff will get details & decorative bits painted on in the same colour.

Window latch goes into hook loop thing, which is screwed to piece of wood, which is now turquoise, words are hard.

I got a couple more drawer pulls, partly to fill out an order & partly see what they looked like in person, but I really like them, so they went on the side door, which you can now open & close without having to stick your fingers in the doorknob hole.

Tyrava's side door from the outside -- a rectangular drawer pull, made of black metal with a rustic, hammered finish, sits just below the dead bolt.
Tyrava's side door from the inside -- a similar drawer pull is fastened above the dead bolt. Also there's a pretty big gap between the door & the frame. I'm not good at cutting things precisely, is what. Fortuntely weatherstripping exists.

There’s still a lot of big stuff to do, but it’s been nice having a chance to add some pretty.

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