strata, or how you can tell which food Remy likes best

[ The bottom of the door to Remy’s crate, where Jasper’s bed used to be. There’s a whole lot of dog food on the floor there; most of it would have been under the bed when it was there. ]

When we (finally!) moved from Tyrava into the house, part of the process was picking up Jasper’s bed to move it. We knew there’d be some dog food under there. What we hadn’t realized was how MUCH dog food …


[ A closer view of the kibble. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, but each variant appears in a distinct layer, changing as it gets further away from the crate door. ]

… nor how clearly it would show both the succession of various kibbles Remy’d been fed, & how much he liked, or rather disliked, each one.

The first stuff was okay, obviously, but not great. The second stuff, the two colors of medium-sized bits? Yeah, pretty good. But that last stuff? The biggish ones, kinda vaguely coin-shaped? NOPE.

… no wonder he was going through it so fast; mostly he WASN’T.

But then what else could you expect but ridiculosity from a dog like this?


[ Remy’s outside, facing the camera in a low play bow. His ears are extremely intent. ]

… of course he would NEVER do such a frivolous thing as wasting food.


[ & now he’s back in his regal, entirely serene pose. I think this is his variation of ‘what’. ]

… what?

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