dogs: whatcha DOIN whatcha DOIN

2023 12 22 12.47.10

[ Remy, a big black dog with a white stripe down his belly and white toes, is standing outside in the middle of an expanse of firmly-trodden dirt, staring with great interest at the camera. His ears are perked forward, and his tail is wagging. ]

I went outside to get cool frost-on-plants pics, but then there was a Remy, so.

He was like WHATCHA DOIN & also LOVE & I DID go over to pet him but also I took pictures first, so he had a couple opinions about that.

2023 12 22 12.47.14

[ Remy’s standing at the corner of the house, forepaws up on a rock, staring intently off to the right at the front door. ]

HEY is PAPA COMING? Where’s Papa? Where’s PAPA? Why aren’t you PETTING ME?

2023 12 22 12.47.43

[ Remy’s back about where he was standing before, forepaws delicately placed just behind another rock. It’s really too small for him to stand on, alas. ]

WHAT’S over THERE? Is there a CAR COMING? I think there’s a BIRD. Also you COULD be petting me. Or you could throw my rope toy! ROPE TOY ROPE TOY ROPE TOY

2023 12 22 12.47.39

[ He’s staring straight at the camera again. A line of dried dog slobber is visible, crossing his muzzle from left to right, about an inch back from his nose. Look, it’s just like this here. ]

Petting? Rope toy? Broom? You could throw my broom! LOVE I NEED LOVE

why YES I petted him. You don’t leave a love emergency untreated. Then, of course, the rope toy.

Eventually I was allowed to leave, but it sure took a while.

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