cats, or rather, dogs: Remy & his favorite toy

[ Remy, a big black puppy with white toes, stands holding one end of the brush from a pushbroom in his mouth. It’s maybe a foot and a half long, and the other end almost touches the ground. ]

Remy has a bunch of dog toys. Some of them even started out as dog toys. Some of them? Did not.

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[ Remy’s grabbed the brush a bit further down than the end, and is swinging it off to the right. One forepaw has lifted to bat at it. ]

This was an excellent pushbroom for … oh, a good month or two, I think, before it broke, it being really not a very good example of its kind. After which we chucked the pieces into the large pile of other such possibly-useful-but-not-right-now bits, whence they stayed until a much smaller Remy ferreted the brush part out & proceeded to run around with it, extremely pleased with himself.

As well he ought. He has a LOT of fun with the thing.


[ The brush has swung off to the left. Remy’s head is down, but his tail is stuck off to the right, mid-wag. ]

I’ve been meaning to get pictures of this process — & ideally video as well — for a good several months now, the problem being that it is HILARIOUS & thus hard to go get the phone if it’s not already on me. Which it usually isn’t, but since I’d gone outside to get pictures anyway, poof! Remy being an entire dork!


[ The brush is swung way back to the right, more next to Remy than in front of him. His muzzle is wrinkled up in the GRR position. ]

He’s the happiest dog.


[ He’s dropped the brush and is looking down at it. Both ears are flopped forward, and one paw is lifted, as if in surprise. ]

… apparently I wore him out, urging him to ever-dorkier heights so I could get more pictures. Well … he IS a puppy.

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