a very not bored dog

2023 09 15 16.08.36

[ Remy, a big black dog with a white belly and white toes, sits in his crate, staring eagerly at a cardboard box that’s in the foreground of the photo. ]

There’s of course a lot of preparation necessary for Remy to get a Box of Tasty Destruction, & it all happens right there, so by the time the thing is actually ready he’s usually VERY EAGER to get it RIGHT NOW. As witness.

2023-09-15 16.08.38

[ Remy’s sitting in the same spot, but one massive paw is up on the crate wall, blurry, because he’s using it to gently insinuate that perhaps I could put the Box of Tasty Destruction inside the crate with him instead of making him wait while I get pictures. ]

Then, destruction.

2023-09-15 16.09.54

[ Remy’s got the box in his mouth. It’s sitting on the floor, and the top of his head is towards the camera; both ears are sticking all the way out with the vigor of his chewing. ]

Methodical destruction, though. He can’t just tear into the box, he’s got to figure out the fastest way to get the egg carton out. It’s a Process.

2023-09-15 16.10.09

[ The egg crate is sticking a couple inches out of the box, which is plenty enough for Remy to start taking it apart and licking off the contents. In this picture, though, he’s in the middle of tearing off a piece of the carton; his muzzle is all wrinkled up, and he looks very fierce. ]

& then, having gotten the egg crate at least a little bit out, it’s Peanut Butter Kibble Time.

2023-09-15 16.10.23

[ The egg carton is about halfway out of the box, and one corner is held open by his muzzle; just a single kibble is visible therein. ]

Success! (Further success?)

2023-09-15 16.10.28

[ Remy’s got half his face shoved in the egg carton now. I think that might be just a hint of tongue showing. Could be kibble. ]

It’s kind of a process, & seems to involve chewing on the cardboard until kibble occurs, then eating kibble until no more is accessible (or until he remembers chewing cardboard is fun), then chewing cardboard for a while. Either way he REALLY enjoys it.

2023-09-15 16.13.29

[ The box is entirely missing and so is the lid to the egg carton; Remy appears to be trying to scoop kibble out of one of the little egg cup thingers with his teeth. His muzzle is all wrinkled up and he looks very fierce again. ]

Eventually, there’s no more kibble, no peanut butter, & the cardboard is too chewed up to be worth further effort. Surely now he is tired, & will wish to rest, allowing us respite from his EXTREME PUPPYNESS.


… right?

2023-09-15 16.16.54

[ Remy is standing in his crate, staring directly at the camera, eyes wide, ears perked extremely forward, very intense. ]


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