dogs: rainy day training session

[ Jasper’s standing on his bed, which is basically a wrestling mat on the floor. He’s more-or-less facing the camera, though he’s only visible from the chest down. Remy’s walking behind him, headed to the left, tail caught mid-wag. Jasper’s got a treat in his right hand, encouraging Remy onward. ]

Even on a terrible crappy day when nobody but nobody wants to go outside, you gotta work with your dog (& by ‘you’ I mean ‘people who are training their own service dog’, there’s a reason I have cats y’all).

Anyway Jasper’s been teaching Remy ‘circle’, because that’s a useful thing for a service dog to know. & Remy’s getting pretty good at it.


[ Remy’s making the turn around Jasper’s right side, turning to come around in front of him. He’s a little blurry. Jasper’s still leading him with the hand holding the treat. ]

Also he is VERY EXCITE because he is WITH HIS PAPA & his Papa is GIVING HIM TREATS & because he is being a VERY GOOD BOY!

… indeed, the very goodest. See how good he is at remembering to sit when he’s done doing the thing!


[ Both Jasper and Remy are facing right. Remy’s sitting, like a very good boy, looking up with eager anticipation at the hand holding the treat. ]

“Am I, Papa? Am I the goodest of dogs?”


[ Remy’s sitting to Jasper’s left, now, leash wrapped around Jasper’s legs; he’s just finished another go-round. He’s looking up at his Papa, mouth open in a goofy smile. His ears are sticking out in various directions. ]

“… sure, or you will be, once you’ve put your teeth away.”


[ Remy has put his teeth away. He’s looking up at his Papa, ears relaxed, eyes pitiful. Is he the goodest? ]

“Am I the goodest, Papa?”

“Yes, yes you are.”



[ Remy’s blurry and so’s Jasper, mostly because Remy’s in the process of jumping up on his Papa. ]

… he’s a work in progress.

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