cats: definitely halping

2023 10 04 17.43.58

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is sitting next to a long basket that’s filled with small plastic bags, lined up like they’re in a filing cabinet. Tom visibly does not give a crap about the basket. ]

Having made FAR TOO MANY earrings over the summer, it was time to actually put them on the website, but given the state of my brain these days, I was NOT gonna try to coordinate a massive drop where they all went up at once. Nope, nuh-uh, too much like work, nyet, nein. So I did five or six at a time, hauling them outside to a nicely interesting backdrop to take pictures, then hauling everything back inside to write up listings.

Of course I was accompanied on this (extremely short) jaunt, most of the time.

Tom just wandered past, but Loiosh decided to demand An Attention.

2023 10 09 17.33.55

[ The picture is mostly Loiosh’s head. It’s blurry. His paw, which is on my leg, is not. Nor are my shorts. I’m gonna pretend my belly just doesn’t appear at all in this shot. ]

… look, you’re lucky if I was wearing a bra in that picture. It’s entirely possible I wasn’t. Shirt? TOO WARM

2023 10 09 17.34.05

[ Both of Loiosh’s forepaws are on my lap. He’s got his head shoved into my hand, which isn’t actually visible off the left side of the shot, but you can tell what’s going on anyways. Several of Loiosh’s whiskers are pointing exuberantly at the camera. ]

& of course. The dog. Who doesn’t get to halp (too much chance of him accidentally eating an earring, or carrying my phone off, or gods only know what), but kept me company EVERY TIME I was out there. THE WHOLE TIME. What if I blew away? Or exploded? HE HAD TO KEEP ME SAFE.

2023 10 14 17.40.12

[ A view down the side of the house. There’s a whole lot of things in this picture — a fallen-over pallet wall, an old window screen with a wooden frame, some generalized Stuff — but the important bit is Remy, a big black dog with a white chest, who’s all the way down at the far corner of the house, peering anxiously at me around the corner. ]


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