cats: how ridiculous a dog

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[ Remy, a big black dog, is about halfway into a play bow. His head is tilted up, his ears are back, and his mouth looks like he’s frowning, Or concentrating real hard. Look, I don’t know, dogs. ]

All I did was go outside, aim the camera in Remy’s general direction, & tap the ‘take a picture’ button a whole bunch of times, which is all that was necessary, oh my GODS, this PUPPY, what even are you DOING with your FACE.

… dogs

anyway ear


[ Remy’s turned his head slightly, though he’s still looking at the camera. He’s standing, stiff-legged, with one ear sticking straight up. The other one is behind his head somewhere, not visible. ]

also tongue


[ He’s looking the other way, the other ear standing mostly straight, licking his lips. ]



[ Now he’s facing the camera, head tilted, tongue curled in what was probably a yawn, but dogs, who knows. ]

tongue an TEEF


[ Yep, that was a yawn, as evidenced by the fact that he now has his mouth wide open, pink tongue framed by brilliantly white teeth. He looks like he’s smiling, but it’s an unnerving grin if so. ]

Dogs are sure a thing, is what I’m saying. & then he finished up like this:


[ Remy stands foursquare and forthright, staring straight at the camera, ears perked, tail just a bit off to the side, all dignity and glower, as if he hadn’t just been the biggest dork who ever dorked. ]

… look I don’t know, but at least he makes blog posts easy.

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