October 2022


cats: inspecting the premises

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, sits neatly in the lower of the two window holes in the new wall of my house. ] The cats are really enjoying the new wall, because that means it’s easier to get away from the dog. The dog is really annoyed by it, for much the same reason.



[ Three walls, complete with plywood, surround a similarly-plywooded floor; the fourth wall, the one facing the camera, has been framed out, with space left for two windows. ] Progress! Like actually getting somewhere! I’m getting faster at framing, this took about three hours all told.


cats: a boy & his (hot) dog

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is standing on a wooden table outside on the patio, muzzle hovering just above a hot dog on a paper plate. ] I wanted two hot dogs, Jasper wanted three. He cooked six. Why? Because he knows Loiosh really, really loves hot dogs.


small beauties: the delicate desert

[ A close view of long, narrow silver-green leaves, waving in the breeze, looking much like undersea fronds. The stems are paler and slightly more yellow. They greenery entirely fills the picture. ] First small beauties post from the new land! There’s SO much here that’s beautiful, I can’t wait to post more.

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