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[ Three walls, complete with plywood, surround a similarly-plywooded floor; the fourth wall, the one facing the camera, has been framed out, with space left for two windows. ]

Progress! Like actually getting somewhere! I’m getting faster at framing, this took about three hours all told.

I wanted to get right to the plywood but for a variety of reasons we needed to get Frank mobile again, so me & Jasper unloaded it all & shoved it through the (very convenient) window hole, thence to stack it INSIDE.


[ That’s a big pile of insulation all right. It’s all stacked in a corner of my house, taking up a whole bunch of it. ]

I got the van lined up RIGHT next to my south wall, ready to be scaffolding. Good thing, because it’s gonna rain all this week & I woulda got SO stuck. Still took a whole lot of back & forth, NOT helped by the part where Tyrava was too close & also at exactly the wrong angle.


[ My van’s been pulled up riiiiiight next to my cabin’s back wall. The ground shows evidence of repeated bath-and-forthing. None of the dents are new, though. ]

I. Might possibly have bumped into Tyrava once or twice. Maybe eight times. No damage, though, & only minimal mess!


[ There’s a scattering of stuff on the floor that isn’t supposed to be there, including a lamp (miraculously unbroken), a puffy black jacket, and Jasper’s laptop, which is military-grade for a reason. ]

Back to building stuff! Plywood’s in place, with the window holes neatly cut out!


[ The east wall of my house, which now has plywood! There are two cutout spaces for windows, one tall, one shorter. A circular saw sits in the tall window frame. ]

But wait, what’s that in the window? Enhance. Enhance …


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is just visible through the window. He’s hunkered, eyes gently closed, with a pleased look on his face. ]

I got boards cut out for the window frames, too! Though they gotta dry before I can sand em, it’s been a BIT wet.


[ A low pile of cross-stacked pallet wood sits atop a cardboard box, with the wet bits places so with luck they’ll dry easily. ]

Next up, house wrap!

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