cats: inspecting the premises

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, sits neatly in the lower of the two window holes in the new wall of my house. ]

The cats are really enjoying the new wall, because that means it’s easier to get away from the dog.

The dog is really annoyed by it, for much the same reason.

Alas that Remy is Tall.


[ Remy, an extremely long black puppy, has his forepaws on the same windowsill, which is, fortunately, blocked by a circular saw. His toes are white. His expression is desperate. He really, really needs to chase, or possibly herd, a cat RIGHT. NOW. ]

I’m just surprised he hasn’t gone THROUGH the window yet, circular saw be damned.

Loiosh is extremely happy with his choice of dog-free spots.


[ Loiosh is meatloafed up on one of the big bags of insulation. He is making blinky eyes and kitten ears. He is visibly extremely happy. ]

Remy is Not Amused.


[ Remy’s sitting outside on the ground now. His head is visible between the circular saw and the window frame. He is making BIG puppy dog eyes. ]

Why. Why can he not herd Loiosh.

Loiosh, in the meantime, says NOPE.


[ Loiosh’s eyes are squeezed just the tiniest bit further shut. He is extremely smug about basically his entire life right now. ]

… just wait til I get the WINDOWS in.

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