cats: Loiosh tries a baby sling

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[ Loiosh is curled up, on his back, in a blue scarf slung around the neck of a tall person in a red t-shirt. CJ wears glasses and has long dark hair, parted down the center and braided. He’s grinning down at Loiosh. ]

(spoilers: it’s, uh, brief)

ALSO please meet the fourth member of our lil commune, CJ, who got here a couple weeks ago!

Yeah yeah, I know, cat pictures.

We’d done this at the farmer’s market a couple weeks ago, but CJ’s phone ate the pictures, so we staged the scene again with a couple of cameras ready.

Loiosh was … patient.


[ Seen more from CJ’s side, the only part of Loiosh visible outside the sling is his head. He’s leaning out just a bit, with a very put-upon expression on his face. ]


I call this the ‘I better be getting some sour cream about this’ look.


[ A closer view of basically the same shot. Loiosh has a small scab on his nose. One ear is mostly forward but the other is stuck out to the side. His entire head is canted at an angle because of the way he’s trying to lean out of the sling. He would extremely like to know why. ]

& then he was done.


[ Most of Loiosh’s upper body has left the sling. He’s leaning out of it sideways, but looking down at the ground. clearly planning the rest of his descent.  One forepaw is stuck out, almost directly at the camera. ]


[ He’s turned so the upper half of his body is facing down. CJ’s hands are supporting the sling on either side of him so he doesn’t just fall on his face. ]



[ Loiosh is blurry, in the process of jumping down. The only things left in the sling are his tail and possibly one hindleg. The other hindpaw is pushing off of CJ’s hand, claws extended, toes spread wide.  ]

& the retreating tail.


[ CJ’s jeans-clad legs dominate the photo; all that’s visible of Loiosh is a flicking tail, disappearing out of the bottom of the shot. ]

He was found, moments later, standing in front of the cooler, awaiting his sour cream, with which he was immediately rewarded for his patience.

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