cats: Loiosh nomfs catnip

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness and blue bow tie, sits facing a long sprig of catnip. He’s got his head tilted, facing away from the camera, contemplating the flowers at the tip of the stem. ]

Further along the same path Loiosh found even better foliage — catnip. He was EXTREMELY pleased.

First, thorough inspectigacion, then a gentle nibble.


[ Loiosh has his mouth open pretty wide, actually; one bottom fang is clearly visible, though his head is still turned a bit away from the camera. ]




[ Now his mouth is open WIDE. Both bottom fangs are clearly visible, his whiskers are sleeked back out of the way, and his tongue is curled round, helping to haul the catnip stem firmly into his mouth. ]



[ His head is blurry, and his tongue is stuck waaaaay out. A bunch of catnip flowers are visible inside his gaping maw. ]



[ His mouth is closed around the stem, and his eyes are almost, but not quite, shut, in an expression of abject bliss. ]

& then he ran around & almost fell in the river, the end.

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