cats: what’s in a sheet of paper

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[ Marisol, a tiny, longhaired calico cat, is hunkered up on a sheet of tan paper. The paper’s visibly got a texture to it. Marisol looks very comfortable. ]

This is probably the last post from our stay in the cabin over the winter — I kept not getting round to it, what with One Thing & Another — but I’ve been hanging onto the pictures, because of cats. Who are weird.

See, that’s a very specific kind of paper. & Marisol? LOVES it.


[ A closer view of her lil face. Her whiskers are extremely long. ]

What kind of paper IS this, you ask?


[ A closer view of the paper. It says ‘Lodge’ in bold letters, interspersed in repeating patterns with a simple depiction of a cast iron frying pan, complete with a frying egg. Part of Marisol is also visible. ]

We got a dutch oven. It came wrapped in branded, lightly quilted paper. Which fell out of the box & was subsequently ignored, then kicked into a corner, because none of us are any good at keeping things straightened.

& then claimed by cats.

(Yes, we DO still have it.)

Sigdis decided she liked it too.


[ Sigdis, a black cat with a white splotch on her chest & a white streak on her belly, is sitting on the paper, looking off to the left. There is visibly not a single thought in her lovely head. ]

She really didn’t want to stay still for pictures, but she loves attention.


[ Sigdis is looking up and to the left, clearly at someone’s attention-grabbing finger. Her eyes are wide and her head is just slightly blurry. ]

Annnnd done.


[ Sigdis’s hindpaws are still on the paper, but the entire rest of her body is stretched out upwards, clearly in the process of leaping up to grab something. Someone else’s whiskers are photobombing the shot from the right side. Probably they’re Marisol’s. ]

There is SO MUCH going on in that shot, & I LOVE it.

Tom liked the paper, too, but was never cooperative enough to allow a photo, cos he’s a jerk.

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