cats: a boy & his (hot) dog

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is standing on a wooden table outside on the patio, muzzle hovering just above a hot dog on a paper plate. ]

I wanted two hot dogs, Jasper wanted three. He cooked six. Why?

Because he knows Loiosh really, really loves hot dogs.

Loiosh hopped up onto the table warily, watching us to see how far he’d get before he was stopped.

Of course we were going to stop him. We weren’t gonna give him a whole entire hot dog, right?


(I really, really regret not having done this YEARS ago)

He sniffed at it, gave me a sideways look. I said ‘Go ahead, it’s okay. That one’s yours.’

He licked it. Cautiously, then lovingly, all over, making sure to get all the hot dog juice.




[ His mouth is wide open, fangs exposed, right above the hot dog. ]

& then, he just went to TOWN.


[ The hot dog has a couple visible bites out of it now. Loiosh is in the process of taking another bite, muzzle wrinkled up as he CHOMP. ]

Mom, do you gotta WATCH me the whole time?


[ Several more bites out of the hot dog. Loiosh, slightly blurry, has turned to glare at the camera. ]

Is he finished? Or is this just a break?


[ Loiosh is nowhere in the picture. It’s just the hot dog, which has had most of its top layer peeled off. ]

Hmm. Must consider.


[ Loiosh is staring at the hot dog, considering, though the part where he’s also licking his lips makes it a somewhat foregone conclusion. ]



[ Loiosh has just taken a big bite out of the hot dog; there’s an entire-ass chunk of it in his mouth. ]

& so on, & so on … (seriously I just sat there taking pictures & giggling, I had to wade through SEVENTY-THREE photos to get this done)

Eventually …


[ About half of the hot dog is gone. Much of the rest is in pieces on the plate. There’s one big chunk left. ]

Time to wash up!


[ Loiosh is sitting next to the plate. His eyes are closed, his head is tucked low, and his tongue is sticking out an entire inch, straight down. ]

… y’all. If your cat likes a food? & it won’t hurt them to get a BUNCH of that food? DO IT. It’s WORTH it.

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