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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands on a nice big rock, sniffing at a clump of grass. One ear is back, and the other is stuck out sideways. ]

Salida, it turns out, has grass.

Loiosh REALLY likes grass.


[ Loiosh is cronching down on some grass; his muzzle is wrinkled up just a bit, like a tiger taking a bite out of an antelope. Less bloody, though. He’s tucked both ears back out of the way. ]

I just sort of hunkered & took pictures & giggled. I will never not enjoy watching Loiosh eat grass; he gets SO pleased with himself.


[ Loiosh has turned his head to the side to use his molars on a particular blade of grass. His ears are doing the thing again. ]

Then he found a DIFFERENT patch of grass.

Must contemplate.


[ There’s a big rock behind him this time, and a ridge of smaller rock between him and the camera. His head enters the shot from the left. He’s sniffing at the new grass stems, just in case they’re different from the other ones. ]



[ He’s turned his head just a bit further from the camera. His tongue is out and blurry, and both his upper and lower fangs on the right side are visible. Nomf. ]

A happy boy.

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