April 2022


cats: where is Marisol going edition

[Marisol, a very small longhaired calico, is standing in a low box on a set of wooden shelves. She’s looking up and to the right, and one little white forepaw is raised. Her ears and whiskers are both perked forward, interested, and she is slightly blurry with motion.] Is she climbing up?


cats: sleepy boy edition

[Loiosh, an orange tabby, is curled up on the couch, face shoved into the grey fabric that covers the back cushion. He is comprehensively asleep.] So we’re actually in the depths of moving! I’m scheduling a couple weeks of cats pictures to tide y’all through. Or at least I’m gonna try to, we’ll see. But …

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SPOON: more schlepping

[A somewhat blurry shot of the inside of the van, from the front seats. It’s moderately full of boxes. You can still see out the back, though.] Yesterday was Schlepping Trip #2, feat. me hauling Yet More Stuff down to Alamosa, also Extremely Bored Loiosh.

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