cats: tomcat cuddles edition

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[Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is meatloafed ona bright quilt, right next to a wood-paneled wall. His eyes are half-closed and he looks very content.]

All the humans here have been working our butts off, but the cats are mostly still serene. It turns out that having one cat who actually LIKES moving (that’d be Loiosh) helps the rest of the cats in the house deal with the usually-traumatic process.

You can see above how traumatized Tom is not.

His elegant paws!


[One of Tom’s hindpaws lays across the quilt, with one of his forepaws wrapped around it.]

Cat cuddles have been a BIG help through all the excitement, & Tom is a prime cuddler.


[A close view of Tom’s face; his head is turned so he’s seen mostly in profile. Sunlight shines on his fur and through his whiskers. His eyes are closed and he is peacefully asleep.]

It took him a while to get there — but then, it took him a while just to get used to the concept that humans might be good company, so. No surprise there.

He’s making up for lost time, though.


[He’s turned his head just slightly towards the camera and opened his eyes. They’re not quite open enough to glare at the camera, but he’s clearly on the way to be doing just that.]

… what?

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