SPOON: more schlepping

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[A somewhat blurry shot of the inside of the van, from the front seats. It’s moderately full of boxes. You can still see out the back, though.]

Yesterday was Schlepping Trip #2, feat. me hauling Yet More Stuff down to Alamosa, also Extremely Bored Loiosh.

I didn’t take any pictures of Extremely Bored Loiosh, but I did get some pictures of Kind Of Intrigued Loiosh Who Is Considering Shenanigans.


[Loiosh, an orange tabby who’s wearing a green harness and a blue bow tie, stands atop a tall pile of boxes inside a storage unit. He’s looking off to the right, probably planning how he can get stuck behind more boxes and make me unpoad half the place to get him out.]

Fortunately he didn’t get far enough back to need rescuing, but he thought about it REAL HARD.


[Now he’s standing on top of a pile of stuff, which includes a large basket holding a whole bunch of rolls of paper towels. A clutter of small boxes, pillows, and other detritus surrounds him. He’s gazing off into the distance, head raised, a perfect dramatical pose.]

… I did NOT get pictures of him trot-trotting down the row of storage units with me painfully lumbering after him, on account of I was busy lumbering after him & cussing. I caught him before he decided to bugger off under anything, at least.

Everything fits! For an extremely liberal definition of ‘fits’!


[The storage unit, from the entrance. It is … not stacked efficiently. There’s a box on top of a drawer & a pallet; the latter two are on their sides. There’s an armor bag on top of the pallet. There’s a chair on top of the armor bag. It’s a mess. But it’s all in.]

& then I drove three & one-half hours back, got home, & passed out for the night. I’ll be glad when all this is done.

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