cats: Tom goes rolling edition

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[Major Tom, a big grey tabby with a pale belly, is rolling in the dirt. He’s mostly on his back, one forepaw tucked, head flung back to display his white chin.]

Look, Tom just really likes rolling in the dirt, is what. It’s nicely scratchy, it’s a good stretch, & especially this time of year, it’s his best way of getting rid of his winter coat.

… other than letting his humans brush him, anyways, but why would he DO that.


[He’s rolled onto his other side. His paws are all stuck out, mostly in different directions. He’s trailing a thick, sturdy dog leash. ]

Yes, this IS an entire post of Major Tom rolling in the dirt.

See, there’s a lot of him that he can’t QUITE reach, since he’s … uh … musclebound.


[Most of Tom is on his side, but he’s got his head twisted around, trying to reach to wash his shoulder. One forepaw reaches for the sky, as if for leverage. His tail is flailing.]

No, I mean he’s actually musclebound, have you MET his forelegs, he’s basically Popeye.

Also he’s got a mighty belly, to be fair.


[Tom’s turned his head to stare straight at the camera, eyes squinted mostly shut.]

… what?


[ And now he’s rolling to his feet, tail trailed out behind him.]


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