cats: where is Marisol going edition

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[Marisol, a very small longhaired calico, is standing in a low box on a set of wooden shelves. She’s looking up and to the right, and one little white forepaw is raised. Her ears and whiskers are both perked forward, interested, and she is slightly blurry with motion.]

Is she climbing up?


[Marisol is looking down from her perch, ears perked forwards, whiskers tucked just slightly back.]

Is she jumping down?


[She’s looking almost at the camera. She’s also slightly blurry, because she is a wigglebutt. One ear is forward, the other is stuck out to the side.]

She is massively indecisive!

(The moment I sat back down she bolted from the room. Alas! She’s still not sure about me some days.)

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