cats: Sigdis needs a kitten edition

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[Sigdis, a plump black cat, is laying on her side on a striped quilt. An orange beanie baby kitten is nuzzled up to her belly.]

It’s spring, & Sigdis is pretty sure that means kittens.

To be fair, she did raise at least one litter of kittens before she came inside. Best we can figure, the kittens wound up with all the nutrition coming in, leaving Sigdis a bit short of brains. She still wants kittens to tend, though, & we’re seriously considering fostering once we’re settled.

In the meantime, she’ll curl up around anything vaguely kitten-sized & fuzzy. My socks. Jasper’s slippers. Jorts, my beanie baby kitten.

Jorts is a favorite.


[Sigdis’s belly. She’s got a white spot low on her belly and small white patches in both armpits. Jorts is tucked up against her belly, forepaws spread wide.]

She’s perfectly pleased to lay there with a beanie baby leaning on her belly. She purred. She kneaded. She chirruped. She even gave him a bit of a wash.


[Sigdis has one forepaw tucked up to her chest; the other is stretched out in front of her. Jorts has moved to another nipple.]

She’s the happiest momma cat.

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