SPOON: packing, packing packing edition

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[A set of white wooden shelves, two feet high and four across. Three quarters of it is empty; the last section just has a couple containers with various white powders.]

Nine days to go! Time to start packing up the shop! Ingredients first.

… yes, yes, that’s plenty of time, I’m not even moving most of what I own this time.

As shelves empty, boxes pile up.


[A set of folding wooden shelves is entirely covered in already-packed boxes. Stacks of boxes in front of the shelves obscure most of them. There’s a lot ready to go out.]

All of this — all of the business stuff — will go in Tyrava, so it’s available as soon as we get to the new land. Course that means me & Jasper will be living in the van for a while, but — well — that’s how it’s gonna be, until we start building.

We’re gonna make it work. It’ll just be kinda exciting for a while.

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