small beauties: spring is icumen in edition

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[A small round cactus barely sticks out of tiny gravel. It’s no more than an inch across, sticks out of the ground less than half an inch, and is covered in tiny spines, all parallel to its surface.]

Spring is, finally, coming in. I found a tiny cactus. Glad I didn’t find it with my fingers.

This bit of root probably isn’t brighter than it was a month ago, but then, a month ago, it was covered in snow.


[A chunk of tree root, partially covered in bark. Most of the exposed parts are a streaky grey, but a long stripe of lighter wood stretches down the center, and a thin line of bright ochre red makes its way down through the lighter wood.]

The moss is brightening up. Moss for my gnomes!


[A clump of bright green moss takes up the upper left corner of the photo; a smaller clump, more of a grey-green, takes up the center of the shot.]

& a last waning sign of winter. The print is probably four inches long. I’m really glad it has the clawmarks at each toetip, & is longer than a cat paw, because a cat footprint that big would be … concerning.


[It’s a good-sized dog pawprint pressed into melting snow, dark grey against the white. Tiny indentations at the tip of each toe mark where claws pressed into the snow.]

Probably not the last snow of the season — it’s Colorado, after all — but spring is firmly on its way.

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