Woods Day: more big rocks edition

[ A broad pile of boulders, probably thirty feet high, looms over a stretch of ground dotted with confiers. ] Turns out there were TWO big piles of rocks within sight of my Woods Day spot. A conundrum: which to climb? Have you met me? BOTH. This was the second one.


cats: small spaces edition

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is walking away from the camera, into a small space between big boulders. His tail sways from side to side. ] Tom’s not at all worried about squeezing himself into a small space. To be fair, he’s smaller than I am, so there’s a lot less squeezing.


process: endurance

[ In a clearing in the woods, a folding chair sits at a small wooden workbench. The bench holds a scattering of items, including a rusty piece of metal and a white plastic water bottle. ] What a lovely place to ACTUALLY REMEMBER TO TAKE PICTURES WHILE I’M WORKING.

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