Woods Day: more big rocks edition

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[ A broad pile of boulders, probably thirty feet high, looms over a stretch of ground dotted with confiers. ]

Turns out there were TWO big piles of rocks within sight of my Woods Day spot. A conundrum: which to climb?

Have you met me? BOTH.

This was the second one.

& to my annoyance, after spending a good half-hour clambering ALL over it, I determined that I could NOT get up to the top.

Is it climbable? Sure, & probably without technical climbing experience.

Could I climb it? Nup.

Ahh, well. I had fun scrambling around on things anyways. & taking pictures, including this cool-ass tree trunk.


[ A trunk maybe a foot wide emerges from behind a boulder, goes up about a foot, then bends ninety degrees to the left before starting to curve slowly upward again. ]

The wind up that way is sure a thing.

I wiggled through a lil gap in the rocks — it’s bigger than it looks, which is good, because so am I.


[ A pile of big boulders — the gap in between is down low and looks like it’s no more than a foot across. ]

Plus bonus gap!


[ Another gap between boulders — this one running upward from the ground to perhaps ten feet up. One rock blocks it about five feet up, another BIG boulder is suspended above. A forest of pine trees is visible in the distance, through the gap. ]

Shifting just a bit to the side made there be even more gap —


[ From a slightly different angle the gap goes all the way up to the sky, but it’s still surrounded closely by boulders. ]

I didn’t climb through that one, but both of the boys did. They’re smaller than I am, though. They can do these things.

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