cats: licky spot

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, has his head turned to the side, muzzle pressed right up against the spot where his harness is mussing his fur. ]

Loiosh has a licky spot. He doesn’t like to admit it, & he REFUSES to stick his tongue out if he can help it, but …

[ He’s lifted his head just a bit, and the very tip of his tongue is sticking out. There’s a couple tufts of wet fur sticking up, just next to the harness. ]

He loves a good scritching right there, though. He was stubborn about making the happy face …


[ Loiosh is staring sternly off to the left; my hand is just visible, scratching under his harness. ]

… but eventually, he can’t help it.


[ He’s turned his head to face the camera and the sun; his eyes are lightly closed, and his whiskers are so far forward they might be about to fall off. ]

Still couldn’t get him to airlick, though. He’s stubborn.

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