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[ Looking up through the branches of a tall ponderosa pine; the sun glints through the needles, lighting the branches and trunk from above. ]

I got so many good pictures that last Woods Day, & it’s a good thing, because I’ve barely had a chance to get out into the woods since. Y’all have been keeping me busy!

I’m hoping to get out again over the Christmas break, though, so there’ll be plenty more good pictures to come. In the meantime …


[ A very close view of grey-green, fluffy moss on pink granite. The surface of the moss is scattered with pine needles. ]

I really do need to get a decent camera with a macro lens, one of these years. I do love these close-up shots. & I love moss. Who wouldn’t love moss?

I almost didn’t see the bright red berry in the middle of all that green. I’m glad I spotted it.


[ Small, oval, kinda thick green leaves surround a single red berry. ]

& of course I found a bunch of ponderosa resin. Now that I know how.


[ A pile of golden-red pieces of ponderosa resin lay on a piece of fabric. There’s probably about an ounce of it there, more or less. ]

It was a really good Woods Day.

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