small beauties: planty bits

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[ A very close view of green-grey lichens on a hunk of pinky granite. ]

… okay lichens aren’t plants AS SUCH but close enough

I’ve been here this long without taking any pictures of aspen bark, so here’s fixing that.


[ A very close view of the bark of an aspen tree — mostly a papery white, with small dark grey sections where the bark is broken. The bottom of the pic is entirely grey bark. ]

It’s just really neat to me how the gaps in the white surface of the bark reveal the MUCH darker layer beneath.


[ The lower section of bark is white, rippled like a potato chip. Above that is a grey bulge where a branch once jutted out, and above that a section of deep blue sky. ]

I found more of the red-leaved stuff I keep getting pictures of. The stem is covered in tiny spines and thorns; hadn’t noticed that before.

[ Each stem has a small, oval leaf at the tip, then pairs of leaves running down the rest of the stem. Tiny thorns are visible further down on the stem. ]

I still don’t know what they are, but hey, more information!

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