cats: asploring edition

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands in the shade of a couple of really big boulders stacked atop each other. He’s looking off to the right, ears and whiskers perked forward curiously. ]

Loiosh really enjoyed having this big pile of rocks to scramble around on. And under, and around, and over, and up. It’s like a jungle gym, only for cats. (Also grown-ass two-leggers like me, although there’s a lot more of it that I can’t get to. but more about that later. )


[ He’s just emerging into the sun from the gap between a pair of boulders. He’s walking right towards the camera, looking off to the left, one forepaw in front of the other. Some trees and a section of sky are visible through the gap. ]

He really gets bored sitting at home too long — as whomst among us does not? — & Woods Day is really a necessary thing.

He still needs people time TOO, & there’s definitely times I’d love to bring some folks along for Woods Day, but pretty often, especially now that I have roommates again, I need a quiet day to myself more than I need company climbing on rocks.

The boy? He needs company while climbing on rocks ALL. THE TIME.


[ The only part of the boy visible is his back half; he’s wandering off between another pair of rocks, tail a-sway. ]

Off looking for more people, I guess.

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