cats: small spaces edition

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is walking away from the camera, into a small space between big boulders. His tail sways from side to side. ]

Tom’s not at all worried about squeezing himself into a small space. To be fair, he’s smaller than I am, so there’s a lot less squeezing.

He does love exploring these tiny caves, though. So much to smell!


[ His tail has swayed to the other side, and he’s turned his head to sniff at the rock above his head. ]

He does squish himself into some places I’d really rather he didn’t, if only because I can’t follow him there, but he’s a grown-ass adult, he can take care of himself.

… that’s what I keep telling myself, anyways.

[ Tom’s walking into an even smaller spot, head ducked to fit under the rock that slopes down even further in front of him. ]

Eventually he got tired of following me around & found a place to flop for a while.


[ Tom’s laying on a flat bit of rock, just in front of a low juniper bush. His forepaws are gracefully placed in front of him and he’s looking off to the right, ears slightly back. ]

… what?


[ He’s turned his head to look at the camera. His ears are stuck out to the side, and he looks REALLY perturbed. ]

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