cats: little boy on a big rock edition

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands on a good-sized boulder, looking over his shoulder at another rock a couple feet away. More rocks occupy the rest of the image, towering far over his head. A stand of conifers is visible through a gap between two of the boulders. ]

Loiosh does love scrambling around on rocks, just like his Momma. He’s better at the jumping part, though.


[ He’s got all four paws placed close together, facing the rock a couple feet away to the right, and is visibly THINKING about jumping, but hasn’t done it yet. ]

Sometimes he’s still gotta give it a minute, though. & maybe ask for some encouragement.


[ His paws are all in the same place but he’s relaxed from the about-to-jump position, and is looking towards the camera. ]

I told him he could do it, though. & he did!


[ Caught at the very beginning of the jump — one forepaw is poised midair, all his attention on where he’s going, and his hindquarters tensed to spring. ]

… but then the picture of him landing was REALLY blurry, so that’s all we’ve got.

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