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antennae for everyone!

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, walks across a rough dirt parking lot. Behind him are tall radio antennae & a small green maintenance building. ]

After we got down from the lookout tower (or at least the paved area around it) I headed back to the van but the boys wanted to explore more. I really didn’t think they’d be interested in the big antennae — even I can hear/feel the hum — but they wanted to walk over there & check things out, so we did. Continue reading antennae for everyone!

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Mount Taylor

[ The view up a steep slope. There are a few evergreens in the background, but most of the trees are leafless aspens, with tall, straight white trunks. ]

Last Friday, in a fit of being entirely incapable of dealing with the world, I stuffed the boys in the van & drove up Mount Taylor.

That’s the white people name — to the Diné it’s Tsoodzil, Blue Bead or Turquoise Mountain, the southern boundary of the Diné homeland, one of the four sacred mountains.

The road is terrible, but it goes by a lot of aspens, which is nice — I’m used to seeing those in Colorado, not here! The boys were NOT pleased about the rough ride & frankly neither was I; if I’d been up there before I probably would’ve turned around, but the lure of going somewhere entirely new is strong & I persevered despite the shouting coming from the back of the van. Continue reading Mount Taylor

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take a walk in the park

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, walks through green grass, under a deep blue sky. ]

The last time me & the boys were in Edgewood, Venus Park was closed for the plague, so we went up the hill into the Sandias instead. Nothing wrong with that, but Venus Park is really close to both my doctor & the boys’ vet, so when we’re in town for either (or both) of those, we nearly always go. Continue reading take a walk in the park

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emergency road trip (everyone is okay)

I want to repeat that EVERYONE IS OKAY & I’m not gonna go into detail but note: if your cat is not eating & your vet in more interested in doing lots of tests instead of GETTING FOOD INTO YOUR CAT, get a new vet. AND GET SOME FOOD INTO YOUR CAT.

Hades is asleep on a wooden shelf in the van. In front of him is a lidded can of cat food & a syringe without the needle.

ANYWAY what with one thing & another I picked Loiosh up from the vet in Milan, used the squirty-syringe to get some A/D into his face, & then set out for Edgewood while dialing my old vet. Driving an hour anna half to make sure my boy is getting the RIGHT care? oh HELL yeah Continue reading emergency road trip (everyone is okay)

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Estrella Day 2: Timber Camp the First

Three tall conifers (Ponderosa pines?) stand out from a host of smaller trees, all against an amazing blue sky.

(not ‘part the first’ but ‘my first visit’ because why WOULDN’T I stop at such an awesome spot twice?)

What with one thing & another I had a choice the second day between reaching the Queen Creek Walmart at like 3pm OR finding a place to stop for the afternoon somewhere after Salt River Canyon, so of course I found a nice place to stop.

I mean. TREES. Continue reading Estrella Day 2: Timber Camp the First

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Estrella Day 2: Pintail Lake

A concrete path leads in a gentle curve through low desert brush dotted with evergreens, below a blue sky.

You see above a Good Path! It leads to Pintail Lake Wetlands near Show Low in Arizona, which was constructed to filter Show Low’s waste water & create habitat for waterfowl & all the many other critters that love wetlands.

It was a lovely day, I had plenty of time, & the path was promised to be short, so of course I walked right down it. Continue reading Estrella Day 2: Pintail Lake