cats: Fountain Creek part one

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands on a rock, facing away from the camera and towards a stretch of rocks with trees in the background. His tail is caught mid-lash. ]

I spent last week in Colorado! I went up for a bunch of reasons, but the biggest one involved alpacas. Before that happened, though, I visited a favourite old haunt, Fountain Creek.

(confidential to Dragonsspine: I know, I know, but I didn’t know I was gonna be there ahead of time)

The day’s FIRST task involved driving to the absolute center of Denver to pick up Jasper from the train station, which, having nowhere to drop off Tyrava (nor time to do so), I accomplished with Tyrava in tow. It wasn’t FUN but I didn’t hit anything or get arrested, so I feel like I did okay.

Having managed that … well, I needed a break. & thus, Fountain Creek.

Loiosh immediately recognized our old stomping grounds.

I’d originally planned to hit a different part of the creek, but I saw something new from the highway & HAD to investigate. Which required me to wade across the creek with Loiosh on my shoulders. Can I just tell y’all how much he trusts me, & how much that BLOWS ME AWAY?

Cos Fountain Creek, right at that point, is probably fifty feet wide, & came most of the way up my thighs at the deepest point, & the current is a LOT, & Loiosh just rode across, draped on my shoulder, one of my hands bracing him in place, perfectly serene.

ANYWAY I don’t know who’s responsible for this, but I LOVE it.

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[ A wide stretch of creek bank, covered in medium-sized rocks, has sprouted a field of new growth — tall lengths of thick cottonwood trunks, stuck firmly in the ground, in pairs, each pair crossed in a tall X. ]

A closer view!


[ One pair of the propped-up trunks, seen from perhaps five feet away. The bark has been removed from each, and the tops have been cut off flat. Each is maybe seven feet long and a foot across. ]

Loiosh had to investigate as well.


[ Loiosh stands near the base of another of the Xes, partly turned away, one paw raised mid-step. ]

I spent maybe fifteen minutes strolling up & down the bank, looking for treasure, & found a LOT. I’ve missed this spot.


[ Fountain Creek runs from one side of the photo to the other; the near bank is mostly mud and gravel, with tufts of green; the far bank is more green, with trees in the background. ]

Eventually I waded back across, Loiosh draped across my shoulders, & loaded the two of us back in the van, but not before showing off my treasure:


[ A pile of creek glass, mostly green or white, sits on a wood surface. There are perhaps 25 pieces visible. There is one small blue piece, and a smaller red piece. ]


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