land trip: lots of rocks

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[ A small camping area, with a picnic table and a fire pit; massive boulders rise all around the clearing. ]

Camping in the ‘woods’ was fun, but sometimes what one really wants is a place to poop.

… look, no, you know it’s true.

Anyway I found a TRULY awesome campground. Which happened to also include a potty.

oh HELL yeah, I was RIGHT up those rocks, have you MET me.


[ A view of the same campsite from above. Tyrava and the van are parked at the edge, and more boulders, interspersed with trees, stretch to the horizon. Above them is the setting sun. ]

I spent two nights & a day, resting up & getting a bunch of stuff done. I had to change a tire on Tyrava, & I wanted to work on getting her interior set up better, since she’d made the trip up loaded with half of everything I own. I finally got her looking at least half-decent inside, & she was MUCH more livable this way:


[ Tyrava’s interior, as seen from the front door. A grey carpet covers the closer half of the floor; wire shelves, packed with boxes, are just visible to the right. In the back, the bed sits along the wall on the right side, and a comfy camp chair is next to it, along the left wall. ]

I also, yes, spent a BUNCH of time climbing rocks. So did the boys.


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands atop one of the big boulders, looking out over the land below. ]

I sent this pic to a bunch of people, entitled ‘my current playground’. Approximately all of them wanted to come & play.


[ Another section of rocks, with blue sky and puffy clouds above. ]

Cool plant:


[ An empty seed pod, or possibly several of them; several oblong sections of plant material stick out of the top of a stem. Each is tan on the outside, but brown on the inside, with horizontal striations. ]

Eventually even Loiosh got kinda tired of the view.


[ Another stretch of boulders, this time interspersed with sections of grassy hill, forms the background of this shot, but Loiosh is looking away from it, over his shoulder, ears a-twitch. ]

After that, everything started to move fast — I went to look at the three lots the realtor recommended, found that only one was at all viable, & discussed things with the other members of the Plan; the next day, we decided that that was definitely The One, I called the realtor to let her know, & she told me that the rest could be done online, at which point, tired of being on the road, I drove the entire way home, & then went to bed.

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