land trip: breaktime at the disc golf course

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[ A deer is standing right out in the open, probably thirty feet from the camera, looking on curiously, ears perked forward. They’re really big ears. ]

Sometimes when you’re on the road, especially with cats, you need to find a place to spend the afternoon, cos it’s gonna be too hot in the van to just hang out there until the sun goes down.

Fortunately, Alamosa has a disc golf course. Slightly to my surprise, the disc golf course has deer.

Extremely brave deer.

Loiosh was curious, & the deer were curious right back.


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is walking towards a bunch of deer, tail up. Two deer are looking at him from just a couple feet away, big ears tilted towards him, while a couple more deer stay further back in the trees. Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is sitting right at the bottom of the shot, watching it all happen. ]

There was ALMOST sniffing of noses …


[ The two Extremely Curious Deer are watching Loiosh as he walks past, right in front of them, towards the trees. In the forefront, Tom has gotten bored and is looking off to the side. ]

… but Loiosh decided they were Kinda Too Big.


[ Loiosh has turned and is walking away from the deer, who are now following him, ears twitching in Extreme Curiosity.  Tom’s yawning. ]

There was a magpie yelling at all of us the whole time, but this was the least-bad picture I could get.


[ Caught in flight between towering cottonwood trees is a largish, blackish bird. It could be a magpie. It could be a smallish raven, or a largish crow. It’s almost certainly not a dove. ]

We hung out until it was cool enough to actually be inside Tyrava without sweating, & then it was time to find a place for the night.

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