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travellin: Salida


[ A view of the Arkansas river, here a shallow stream perhaps thirty feet wide. It’s bordered by large rocks on either side, then by trees in a variety of shades from summer green to bright aspen yellow. Peeking between the trees, far upstream, is the peak of a snow-capped mountain. ]

I hadda run up to Salida anyways, so I figured I might as well make a trip of it.

Y’all, Salida is GORGEOUS. Continue reading travellin: Salida

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SPOON: first load edition


[The road stretches out through the center of this wide shot; at the distant horizon, a hint of snow-covered mountains blends into the low clouds. The road is tree-lined on the left side; snowy fields on the right lead up to a snow-roofed barn.]

I haven’t been talking about it much, mostly because STRESS & I dunwanna, but we’re coming up on the end of our time in our winter haven. It’s time to move. Also the van registration was due, for which I needed the title, which was in Alamosa, so I decided to work on two problems at once by loading up the van & driving south. Continue reading SPOON: first load edition

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cats: long drive to the park edition


[A view across a field of short brown grass. Houses line the horizon, and behind them rises Mount Blanca, topped with snow.]

The boys had a vet visit … which, since we’re going to be moving there soon, was in Alamosa. But since we aren’t in Alamosa yet, it was a bit of a haul.

I left a bunch of extra time for the drive, though, so we had time to wander around the park a bit first. Continue reading cats: long drive to the park edition

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travellogue: first snow edition

The problem with moving is the amount of STUFF involved, & in this case, by STUFF I mean ‘my prescriptions’ & ‘the place that has the warranty for the van’s transmission’ & also ‘that PO box I opened in Prewitt’. So last week I hadda head south for a couple days to fetch back my Stuff.

Of course, this happened to happen right when the first snow of the year was also happening.


[ Two tall Ponderosa pines stand below white skies. Each is dusted with light snow, and snowflakes are visible falling past them. ] Continue reading travellogue: first snow edition