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travellogue: first snow edition

The problem with moving is the amount of STUFF involved, & in this case, by STUFF I mean ‘my prescriptions’ & ‘the place that has the warranty for the van’s transmission’ & also ‘that PO box I opened in Prewitt’. So last week I hadda head south for a couple days to fetch back my Stuff.

Of course, this happened to happen right when the first snow of the year was also happening.


[ Two tall Ponderosa pines stand below white skies. Each is dusted with light snow, and snowflakes are visible falling past them. ] Continue reading travellogue: first snow edition

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small beauties: Antero Reservoir edition

… at least the first two are; the others are DEFINITIVELY large, but, well.

Look at this lil dude! So brave! I suspect they get fed by campers a lot.


[ A small thirteen-striped ground squirrel, perhaps three inches long not counting his tail, is crouched on dry grass, looking up at the camera. ]

… to be fair, I’d dropped a cheese ball or two earlier.

Look, they just really like cheese balls.


[ The same lil dude is up on his hind legs, nibbling on something small and black that’s held between his front paws and is not a cheese ball. His tail is laid out behind him in a gentle curl. ]

The sunsets were AMAZING. I wish I’d had the energy to climb up on the van or something so I could get pics without RVs in the way, but after the chaos of moving out without a place to move INTO, we were all too exhausted for that kind of shenanigans.

… tbh we’re STILL to exhausted for that kind of shenanigans. But anyway.


[ Sunset over the lake. A narrow sliver of lake is visible along the center of the photo; below it are the silhouettes of RVs, and above it rise the mountains. The sunset glows orange along the horizon, fading to pale and then into blue at the top of the photo. ]

Can you see the crescent moon? Have another view:


[ The view is a bit closer, the colours are a bit brighter, and the crescent moon is just barely visible in the upper left corner. ]

It did this EVERY NIGHT. We stayed at Antero Reservoir for a week, and had a lovely time.

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cats: fighter practice edition

After FAR too long, Loiosh got to go to fighter practice again! & this is how he felt about it.


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is meatloafed up on a green picnic table. His ears are stuck out at a variety of angles and he’s giving the camera some pretty epic side-eye. ]

… okay, look, no, he WAS really happy to be seeing people again, I just maybe didn’t get the best pics of the process. Continue reading cats: fighter practice edition

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cats: bored on the dash edition

Tom didn’t wind up with much time for adventuring on our trip to Colorado, alas. Partly due to most of our stops being at fighter practice, which involves PEOPLE, but also cos we didn’t wind up with time to stop anywhere he’d be able to get a good ramble.

I’ll have to make it up to him, but in the meantime, he spent a lot of time flopped on the dashboard.


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is half-curled on the van’s dashboard, staring off to the right. His head is resting on one forepaw. The windshield behind him is pretty dirty. ]

Continue reading cats: bored on the dash edition

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cats: extreme patience edition

We spent the weekend in Colorado again, mostly for the purpose of moving stuff to the storage place, but we did manage to hit TWO fighter practices on Sunday, in Aarquelle & Dragonsspine.

Given the time gap in between, we had about an hour to wander around a park in Colorado Springs before anyone else showed up. There was a playground, so naturally I stuck Loiosh in a baby swing.

Y’all. This cat.

swingset 1

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is sitting in a bright orange plastic baby swing, one hind leg sticking out below, both forepaws curled around the top edge. His ears are very slightly stuck out to the side. ]

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cats: everything but the alpacas edition

Loiosh also got to visit the lambs, who were VERY curious but VERY loud about it, which he really didn’t love.


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is in the foreground of the shot; his stroller is facing a paddock full of fluffy white lambs, but he has turned away. Most of the lambs are looking at him, ears perked forwards. ] Continue reading cats: everything but the alpacas edition