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emergency road trip (everyone is okay)

I want to repeat that EVERYONE IS OKAY & I’m not gonna go into detail but note: if your cat is not eating & your vet in more interested in doing lots of tests instead of GETTING FOOD INTO YOUR CAT, get a new vet. AND GET SOME FOOD INTO YOUR CAT.

Hades is asleep on a wooden shelf in the van. In front of him is a lidded can of cat food & a syringe without the needle.

ANYWAY what with one thing & another I picked Loiosh up from the vet in Milan, used the squirty-syringe to get some A/D into his face, & then set out for Edgewood while dialing my old vet. Driving an hour anna half to make sure my boy is getting the RIGHT care? oh HELL yeah Continue reading emergency road trip (everyone is okay)

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Estrella Day 2: Timber Camp the First

Three tall conifers (Ponderosa pines?) stand out from a host of smaller trees, all against an amazing blue sky.

(not ‘part the first’ but ‘my first visit’ because why WOULDN’T I stop at such an awesome spot twice?)

What with one thing & another I had a choice the second day between reaching the Queen Creek Walmart at like 3pm OR finding a place to stop for the afternoon somewhere after Salt River Canyon, so of course I found a nice place to stop.

I mean. TREES. Continue reading Estrella Day 2: Timber Camp the First

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Estrella Day 2: Pintail Lake

A concrete path leads in a gentle curve through low desert brush dotted with evergreens, below a blue sky.

You see above a Good Path! It leads to Pintail Lake Wetlands near Show Low in Arizona, which was constructed to filter Show Low’s waste water & create habitat for waterfowl & all the many other critters that love wetlands.

It was a lovely day, I had plenty of time, & the path was promised to be short, so of course I walked right down it. Continue reading Estrella Day 2: Pintail Lake

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Estrella Day Mostly 2: Salt River Canyon

A big ol canyon with steep sides & a river at the bottom. The sun is about to set. I don't make good decisions, y'all.

Near the end of the first day, having gotten a good feel for how Tyrava pulls, I decided that I would challenge myself & see how well I was REALLY doing with this towing-a-big-trailer thing. I decided to do this by taking AZ60 through Salt River Canyon. Down through Salt River Canyon. The one with all the switchbacks.

… I didn’t say it was a GOOD idea. Continue reading Estrella Day Mostly 2: Salt River Canyon

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Battlemoor — the way home — mostly cats edition

A round wicker footrest sittin on the passenger seat of the van. Hades is curled up in the cat bed on top of it, & Tom is likewise occupying the bed tucked into the base.

I love how they turned the cat-bed-on-the-seat into a doubledecker cat bed. They’re still doing it now that we’re home, too.

On the way to Battlemoor, I’d noticed, off to one side of Wolf Creek Pass, a bunch of RVs tucked into the woods along a creek. I made a note of it as a possible nice boondocking spot, & on the way home, I set out to find it again. Continue reading Battlemoor — the way home — mostly cats edition

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Battlemoor — Mostly Hades Edition

Hades is sitting under a folding camping chair, with his leash wrapped around the legs so he can't move much. He's giving the camera a piteous look.

My friend Ivar, who makes excellent pottery, took this picture of Hades, & I think it sums up both Hades’ natural magnificence, & also his truly spectacular talent at getting himself ENTIRELY TANGLED.

In any case, I usually don’t take a lot of Hades pictures because he’s a longhaired black cat & pretty often winds up being a fluffy blot, but I got a LOT of good Hades pictures this Battlemoor. Continue reading Battlemoor — Mostly Hades Edition