small beauties: back in New Mexico edition

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[ A small clear spot on the forest floor, filled with old, mostly flat, rusty cans. ]

I found another can graveyard!

Of course I got a bunch of small beauties pics on Woods Day, for all that it was a short one.

Of course I brought home some treasure!

[ A couple pieces of broken glass are scattered among the rusty bits — one is purple, and another, clearly the bottom of a broken bottle, is a lovely teal. ]

One of the reasons I’d declared a Woods Day — collecting more juniper berries now that they’re finally ripe.

[ My hand holds a juniper branch, covered with pale blue berries, over a basket. The basket is lined with white fabric, which holds a bunch more juniper berries. ]

Obligatory closeup of tree moss. I love tree moss, it’s so delicate.


[ A pinyon branch covered in delicate pale green fronds of moss. ]

Lastly, a piñon pine cone, not yet ravaged for its piñon nuts.


[ A small pine cone, perhaps an inch and a half long, still greeny-brown; the scales aren’t quite open yet. ]

Could I have taken it home to pry out the nuts? Yep. Did I? AHAHAHAHAHA no that’s effort

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