cats: long drive home edition

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[Loiosh, an orange tabby, is hunkered up in the front seat of the car, butt in the air, forepaws tucked close to his hindpaws, face shoved into the seat. He looks extremely awkward.]

I don’t know what he was doing here, I really don’t.

It was a long day & a long drive home. Fortunately the boys were both pretty tired by then & slept for most of the ride. I wish I coulda slept for most of the ride, but, well.

Loiosh, extremely skeptical. I forget why.


[Loiosh is sitting in the passenger seat — his paws are just visible at the bottom of the shot — but most of the photo is taken up by his handsome face. He’s looking just to the right of the camera, and appears to be mostly made up of whiskers.]

They were NOT snuggling. They WEREN’T.

… they certainly weren’t by the time I pulled over & got the camera out, anyways.


[They’re both in the front seat of the car but the camera decided to focus on the smoothie cup in the foreground of the shot instead of on the boys. Loiosh is slightly blurry, just starting to sit up, looking sleepy. Major Tom has sat all the way up and is shaking his ears out — most of his face is only slightly blurry but his ears and the entire top of his head look like someone stuck a finger on the negative before it was done developing and smeared it good.]

Still NOT snuggling, but not pretending not to QUITE so hard.


[Tom is comfortably curled up on my black vest, leaning against the seat back; Loiosh is sitting next to him, looking down and away from the camera. They’re not touching at all, not even a little bit.]

… they totally snuggled most of the rest of the way home.

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