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Very Good Boys

Hades gazes off to the left of the photograph. He really is a strikingly handome cat.

Here is Hades, looking dignified & noble indeed! Such a handsome boy!

Hades is blurry but there's clearly pink cat tongue there.

… here is Hades licking my roommates’ laundry basket, because, apparently, of Reasons.

Ladles & genumints, I present unto you: My life.

*big dramatic sigh*

Anyway Loiosh got to flop outside in the sun for a bit.

Loiosh is laying on his side in the grass, leaning up on his right front leg, with his left front paw resting on a rock.

Happy blinky eyes.

A closer shot of Loiosh, looking off to the side with his eyes mostly squeezed shut.

Tom just has Resting Stern Face, is all.

Tom is laying on the worktable, gazing off into the distance. He's got one forepaw tucked under him & the other extended out towards the camera.

Also, toes.

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step 1: buy lots thing

A notebook with a shopping list written on it in dark pink pen. It contains items like 'tyvek tape' & '19/32 plywood'. Everything on the list has been crossed out in light blue.

I called my aunt on the way to Home Despot today, & opened the conversation with I AM ABOUT TO SPEND SO MUCH MONEY

Yep, I was whining. But that’s how it goes. We had a lovely chat. Turns out my uncle bought a van & has been converting it into a lovely tiny travelling house, so yay! It runs in the family!

… but eventually I arrived at the Despot of Home Improvement, thence to buy All the Things. Continue reading step 1: buy lots thing

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A trailer! Specifically a 77 inch by 16 foot flatbed trailer with double wheels on each side and a foot-high right angle metal rail around the front & sides. It's all painted sexy black.

That was pretty much my first view of MY trailer that is MINE & that I can do what I want with. It was a BIT OVERWHELMING. I mean, though, also awesome!

Also stacked behind a bunch of other trailers, on account of it was done a week ago & I didn’t get the voicemail notification, but, well. The guy said he’d get a forklift & get the other ones out of the way.

How do you move a trailer with a forklift? Like this: Continue reading TRAILER