lake day, but on the other side this time

20210106 140230

[ A view up a rocky slope topped with evergreen trees. Major Tom is sitting to the right, facing away from the camera, & Loiosh is a small blotch emerging from behind a bush, right at the treeline, about a third of the way across the photo. ]

I didn’t get out of the house as early as I WISH I had on Wednesday — there being nothing I could do about it at the time, I would rather not have heard about the attempted coup in DC until later — but I did manage to avoid doomscrolling for a while, at least, & I’m glad I did it, cos that’s left me with the energy to do something about it now, that being to contact my reps & demand that they not let people GET AWAY WITH THIS, WHAT THE EFFING EFF.

ANYWAY. Cat pictures. They’re both in the pic at the top, promise!

I only got one half-decent picture of Loiosh, & alas, I failed to get a picture of the smol creature he was after, which is a shame, cos the smol creature was REALLY cute. (He failed to CATCH it which was a relief, at least for me & the smol creature.)


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, is standing on a rock, his nose shoved into the space between it & another rock. His ears are perked forward & he is VERY intent. ]

I know y’all are used to Tom either looking grand & noble, or lying down in a nice low spot, or occasionally both, so here’s a lovely shot of him in a high spot.


[ Major Tom a big grey tabby wearing a black & purple harness, is sitting at the top of a low cliff, silhouetted against the blue sky. ]

& in a high spot, looking NOT AT ALL noble & dignified.


[ Tom’s sitting on a pile of rocks, looking to the right, a perfect Dramatical Posing position except he’s got his mouth open because he was shouting something. Probably something rude. ]


… oh you’ve got the camera, time to look noble & dignified.


[ THERE’S the Dramatical Posing. He’s turned his head so he’s looking just to the left of the camera, ears perked. ]



[ And he’s turned even further, shouting over his shoulder, at something worth shouting at, I’m sure. ]

… he just shouts a lot, idk.

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