loot, also: treasure


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is standing on my bed, squinting up at the camera. Spread out on the bed in front of him is a pile of stuff — bags of beads, shells, stickers, a bag of cat treats, & more beads. ]

It was a good mail day, but I’m not sure Tom agrees.

But LOOK at all the Stuff I got! Presents from two different friends! Not even for my birthday, but just in time anyways.


[ A closer view — there’s a spool of brass-colored craft wire, a couple lengths of necklace chain, & a bunch of beads in ziploc bags and pill jars. ]


[ This part of the pile includes a couple of stickers labeled ‘artist & craftsman supply’ and two Tibetan wind horse prayer flag garlands. ]

Tom’s just so underwhelmed.


[ Tom’s sitting next to the pile, staring pointedly and boredly off into the distance. ]

That was just the first box! Here’s what came in the second one:


[ More beads! A bunch more wire, in a variety of colors! A jewelry tool that I’m told will make it much easier to bend bracelets! ]


[ One bag holds a spool of basically copper ribbon, another holds a pair of round copper hoop earrings. In back is a bag holding iridescent blue green beetle wings. ]

By then, though, Tom had just given up. It wasn’t treats, what’s he care?


[ Tom’s curled up on the bed, firmly on top of my purple nightgown, staring at the camera again. ]

… look, some of us have thumbs, so we like different stuff.

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