small beauties, other side of the lake edition

20210106 140159

[ A view of the lake, sun shining on the wind-ruffled water; the far side of the lake, to the right, is iced over. To the left is the shore, mostly rocks with some low dry scrub. ]

Bluewater Lake is … it’s just gorgeous, y’all.

I mean.


[ Another view of the lake. More of this part is iced over, and a low hill covered with evergreens rises on the other side. ]

I found some seaglass! — or I guess lake glass — while scrambling around on the rocks. First time I’ve found any in a WHILE — it doesn’t show up on the other side of the lake, or if it does I haven’t found it there. Also a cool rock.


[ On a flattish white rock are two pieces of green sea glass, one piece of white that clearly came from the bottom of a bottle, and a rock with arcs of different colours in it, like a rainbow. ]

I found a cool partial structure someone made by stacking rocks where there was already a bit of a cave:


[ A partial wall, built by stacking mostly-rectangular rocks to fill in the gap under a large, overhanging rock. ]


[ Another view, this one showing some of the space that’s under the big rock, with the wall to the right.  It’s big enough that I could probably crawl under there, lay down, and stay dry, but also there would be a LARGE boulder over my head. ]

Seafoam! (Lake foam?)


[ Tiny bubbles cover the water right where it laps up onto the worn and weathered rocks of the shore.  Seen from above, and fairly close up. ]

Cool cracked & weathered rocks. The hint of red in the cracks really makes these.


[ The rocks are weathered into smooth curves, with ridges and valleys somewhat reminiscent of sand dunes. The cracks are just in the surface, and don’t really look like they correspond to the ridges or valleys in any way. ]


[ A closer view, with two parallel cracks running from the upper left corner down towards the right, across several lumpy spots. ]

Part of the lake was iced over! & a lot of the ice had footprints on it! Because some people are WAY TOO SURE the ice won’t break under them! I guess!


[ At the bottom of the photo, rocks; above that, maybe five feet of ice extending out from the shore; beyond that, dark water. The ice is far too opaque to give any visual clues to how thick it is. This part doesn’t have any footprints. ]


[ A close view of ice and snow, delicate frost built up on itself until it’s solid white, but by no means solid. ]

I stayed on the rocks THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

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