snow day!

20210119 161633

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, seen from behind, looking out the front door. There’s a lot of snow out there & he’s having Opinions about that; his tail is caught mid-lash. ]

I will freely admit that I was FAR more excited about the snow than the boys were. But Tom did, eventually, go outside.

He even got snow on his paws!


[ Cat footprints in the snow. ]

… very briefly.


[ Tom is hunkered down on bare ground under the tinker’s wagon, peeking out from behind one of the tires. ]

FINE MOM, I am outSIDE, are you HAPPY.


[ He’s standing on another patch of bare ground at the front corner of the tinker’s wagon, looking around. ]

okay no look this is JUST NOT ON


[ His hindpaws are still on the bare spot, but he’s stuck one forepaw in the snow, & he’s stretching the other one WAY out to take a step. ]


… the one forepaw he’s holding up just KILLS ME


[ And now he’s sitting at the front door, one forepaw held up out of the snow, ears stuck out to the sides, glaring at me. ]

That said, he got a LOT further than Loiosh did.


[ Seen from outside: Loiosh, an orange tabby, is sniffing at the doorframe of the open front door, but he doesn’t look at ALL like he’s actually going to step outside. ]

So then I took a nice half-hour walk by myself & they missed it ALL, the end.

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