a winter’s stroll

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands near the base of a pinyon pine. The sun shines through the branches, and a single ray of sunshine is visible, angling down from the upper right corner of the picture and across Loiosh’s face. ]

The colder it gets, the harder it is to get the boys out for the afternoon, so I’ve been taking them out for little wanders in the back yard more often. I’m also trying to remind Loiosh that me putting the harness on him means he gets to DO something, while trying to avoid having to chase him down to put it on, which has been happening too often lately. When he’s gotta go to the vet, he’s stuck with it, but other that that … I wanna balance getting him out of the house, which he needs, with giving him the agency to decide when he doesn’t want to, which he also needs.

He didn’t want to let me put the harness on him right away, today, so I went outside for a bit on my own (& happened to get good pictures of the new tins for the incense ingredients, yay!), but when I stuck my head back in the door after that, he was like ‘I would PREFER to go outside NAKED but if I have to wear that THING, well, I GUESS’.

& then we had a lovely ramble around the yard! He’s always been fond of the piñon near where Tyrava was parked all summer, so he spent a while sniffing that.

In the meantime, I got a decent shot of the last of the snow that fell this morning.


[ A bare dusting of tiny, spiky snowflakes on brown grass. ]

Hey, that’s where my sharpie went!


[ Buried in the brown grass & the dusting of snow is a sharpie, which probably doesn’t write any more. ]

The van had Interesting Smells.


[ Loiosh is sniffing the van, right in front of one of the rear tires, head tilted so the top is pointed towards the camera. ]

Apparently they smell different from this angle!


[ He’s turned his head so his chin and throat are visible, but he’s still sniffing the same spot. ]

Smellin face!


[ He’s turned his head away, his whiskers are all perked forwards, and his mouth is just barely open. ]

After a brief visit to Tyrava (he always wants to check Tyrava out, yes baby, I want to get back on the road TOO), he was ready to go back in. Mostly.

Maybe not QUITE.


[ Loiosh is standing in front of the door, glaring over his shoulder at the camera, tail caught mid-lash. ]

… yeah okay mom, I’m cold.


[ And now he’s standing right where the door opens, staring pointedly up at the doorknob. ]

Same, baby boy. Same.

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