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slightly better?

This week I took slightly more than zero cat pictures! Above is Loiosh, stretched waaaaaay out because of the heat. … it was 72F, y’all. Major Tom assisting me in my efforts to clothe myself properly for the Gallup art gallery tour I went on last Tuesday night. Fortunately I’ve long since accepted that there’ll

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a Retrospective

Because 1) I never post enough pictures of Hades, & also 2) I somehow have not taken any cat pictures in the last week. I KNOW, OKAY Anyway I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him that Hades would be an excellent leashcat, & it’s been a hella road. The pic at the

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2019 05 17 23.16.53


I tossed Loiosh up on top of the tall cabinet in the bathroom… & proceeded to take a bunch of fairly terrible pictures of him up there. I think I didn’t have the flash on, which means the exposure time was long, which means, well, blur. But he was having a pretty good time. He

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