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IT TURNS OUT that if you use right-angle thingers & clamps to hold your 2×2 pieces together, & then GLUE them into place, & ONLY THEN do you drill the pilot holes & put in the wood screws, it works a WHOLE LOT BETTER.

… it also turns out that the stuff I learned from my dad, while very useful for house-building, missed a lot of information when it comes to putting together things smaller than houses. >.>

BUT HEY. I’m getting there. & it’s good to know that when basically everything else I’ve made out of wood has turned out funky & not fitting together quite right, it isn’t because I’m just bad at it, it’s because I’m not using the right tools.

Like right-angle thingers & clamps & glue.

Also, wood screws that are FOR DEFINITELY long enough to not come right back out. Like these.

Yep, those are some long wood screws. There's also a bit of 2x2 wood & a drill with the appropriate drill bit for the screws.


Two vertical pieces of wood 2x2, with two shorter 2x2 pieces fixed between them. All the right angles are actually right angles. How bout THAT.

I used some older, more interesting wood for the shelves themselves …

Three 1x3 boards, of old, weathered wood, lined up parallel to each other.

LOOK at the grain.

A closeup of the weathered wood, showing the grain.

They’re sturdy enough to hold Major Tom! Complete with Loioshbutt photobomb.

The completed shelves, with Major Tom sitting on them, looking quite pleased, & Loiosh's tail in the extreme foreground.


Why YES that's Major Tom sharpening his claws on my BRAND NEW SHELVES

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