Battlemoor — the way home — mostly cats edition

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I love how they turned the cat-bed-on-the-seat into a doubledecker cat bed. They’re still doing it now that we’re home, too.

On the way to Battlemoor, I’d noticed, off to one side of Wolf Creek Pass, a bunch of RVs tucked into the woods along a creek. I made a note of it as a possible nice boondocking spot, & on the way home, I set out to find it again.

I had to drive up the mostly-dirt road about seven miles before I found a good spot that wasn’t already taken (seems Monday isn’t the time to go; most of the spots were empty when I went back past them the next day) but WOW, am I glad I went that far. I found a nice mostly-shaded spot next to a HUGE meadow with a crisp mountain stream running through it.

(I also found a LOT of mosquitos, since about half the meadow was flooded, but I had bug spray, so that wasn’t TOO bad.)

But. C’mon. LOOK AT THIS.

A green meadow dotted with mostly-yellow wildflowers. A dirt road stretches along the left side, & behind that, & in the background, are steep slopes with tall evergreen trees.

PLUS I got to spread out my nice new carpet to dry, which meant I could sit & generally sprawl without getting pine needles (or sap!) on my butt.

Loiosh, ignoring the view. (LOOK AT THE VIEW.)

The same view as above, but Loiosh is sitting on carpet in the foregreound, chewing on one forepaw, which probably has pine sap stuck to it already.

I just let them all run around without leashes. They never went too far, which I’ve always worried about, & came back when I shook the treats. Course if I was gonna be in the van for a while they hadda come in, too.

A view with the back of the van to one side & tall trees to the other; near the center Hades sits, overlooking a break in the trees that gives a view of the dirt road & more trees.
It's nearly the same as the last picture, except that this time it's Loiosh overlooking the view, & he's standing up.
Major Tom, sitting facing away, over green meadows with evergreen trees in the background. Above it all stretched deep blue sky with perfect puffy white clouds.


The same spot as before, except that Tom's turned to face the camera, & he's kinda wide-eyed & looking pretty pleased with it all.

We napped & sprawled around & explored a little bit (which is how me & Loiosh discovered how much of the meadow is flooded) & generally did a whole lot of not much. It was AWESOME, & a really nice way to start relaxing again after Battlemoor.

At one point a guy came wandering along the creek with his dog. He was fly fishing, whch I’ve heard about (my brother-in-law is into it) but never seen done, so I wandered down to say hi & meet his dog. Of course Loiosh wandered after me & almost got a noseful of overly-licky dog, but the guy called his dog back AND the dog listened, which isn’t always the case with Loiosh around. I was impressed.

I also took the second-fastest bath of my life, & by ‘bath’ I mean ‘hell YEAH I went in the creek, & hell YEAH I went in nekkid’, but DAMN was it cold.

A wide spot in a mountain stream -- the water's deeper in the middle, but there are rocks visible close to the edge. The creek's lined with more of that green meadow, & a folded towel lies next to the creek.

I’d say that Loiosh was concerned, except that he was distracted by probably a butterfly or something.

The view's from in the creek -- there's just a bit of the bank at the bottom of the picture. Loiosh stands in the bank, tail caught mid-lash, looking off to the left. Beside him is a pile of discarded clothing.

Anyway I woke up Tuesday morning after probably 18 hours of combined napping & sleep, ready to go. The rest of the drive was MUCH better for the rest break, & the cats were MUCH calmer after getting to actually run around some. So much so that Hades … well, no, he’s like this all the time.

Hades, seen face-on & pretty close up. His expression is serene except that most of his tongue is sticking out, because he forgets to put it away.

*facepalm* *siiiiiiiiiiiigh*

Hades, seen from the side this time, but his tongue is still doing that thing. He's just ridiculous is what.

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